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4 simple steps to your firewall

Analysing your network infrastructure
In order to be able to select your new firewall together with you, an analysis of your network is necessary. Aspects such as network size, required bandwidth requirements (internal as well as external) and services to be published, such as web and/or email servers, play an essential role.
Evaluation of your new protective shield
After the analysis has been completed and we have selected a potential solution together with you, the evaluation of the new firewall is an important part. In order to be able to test the required functions, we offer you the opportunity to put the device through its paces. Of course, you can do this on your own - or we can do it for you with an "accompanied test installation".
Setup & Configuration
Considering a successful evaluation of your new shield, we can now start with the setup and target configuration of the device. The focus here is on your requirements.
Your new firewall is now in productive operation and protects you and your network from unwanted access from outside or inside your network. Your protective shield is now in place and ready for use!