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Reliable IT service provider in Bonn

IT plays a major role in the efficient design of business processes and the creation or safeguarding of competitiveness. It is possible to book IT experts externally in order to implement the desired IT processes in the company with their help. However, without previous experience and market knowledge, it is difficult to find the right experts straight away. For this reason, it makes sense to delegate the work to an experienced and specialised service provider who advises companies holistically. This IT service provider in Bonn is us, EnBITCon GmbH.

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Specialised IT service in Bonn

As a specialised IT service provider in Bonn, we are geared towards advising small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) on selected IT services and implementing services professionally. The experience, expertise and market knowledge in relation to the following specialist areas enable us as an IT service provider in Bonn to find the right experts and make them available to your company:

  • IT security
  • Wireless LAN
  • OT/industrial safety
  • IT project management

Because we provide a broad portfolio of IT services, it is possible for us as an IT service provider in Bonn to put together an individual service package according to your needs. We use a four-step process to find out together which services you need.

IT service provider Bonn - Step 1: Understand your initial situation

In order to be able to advise you adequately as an IT service provider in Bonn, we get to know your company. This gives us an impression of the work processes, the equipment and other detailed aspects.

IT service provider Bonn - Step 2: Identify optimisations

Even while we are learning about your company to understand the initial situation, we recognise potential for optimisation. Did you know, for example, that the wireless connection of individual offices to the network in large buildings via an access point is rarely the best economic solution and that professional WLAN planning makes more sense instead?

As an IT service provider in Bonn, we at EnBITCon GmbH identify aspects like these and share them with you. Through our IT services in Bonn, you often succeed not only in reducing costs, but also in increasing the efficiency of operational processes.

IT service provider Bonn - Step 3: Create a calculable investment plan for IT service in Bonn

One main point that some companies shy away from when hiring IT service providers is the necessary monetary investment. Companies say that they can provide the services at lower cost through internal structures and their own staff.

Unfortunately, this argument does not adequately reflect reality from a long-term perspective. On the one hand, without an IT service provider in Bonn, it is difficult to find staff on one's own who cover all IT specialist areas; on the other hand, these staff do not necessarily have the necessary experience.

As an IT service provider in Bonn, on the other hand, we do not pursue any other task on a daily basis than advising customers on general IT security, cyber security in the digital transformation in industry (Industry 4.0) and various other core topics of today's age and creating individual IT solutions for these companies. In doing so, as an IT service provider in Bonn, we work transparently from the outset and develop a precisely calculable investment plan, with the help of which you can decide on a financially attractive IT service in Bonn from your perspective.

IT service provider Bonn - productive and efficient work

The staff we provide will implement the desired IT services for you. Thanks to our large pool of IT specialists, you can rest assured that replacements will be provided at all times during periods of illness or holiday and that you can be sure that the IT services in your company will be carried out smoothly.

Following the implementation of an individual IT solution, you benefit in the long term from our work as your IT service provider in Bonn. For example, our vulnerability management is extremely effective in preventing successful attacks by cyber criminals, which means you are optimally protected against failures of your IT infrastructure.

Overview: The focus of our work as an IT service provider in Bonn

In order to be able to give an overview of our entire IT service in Bonn, we have divided our work into several focal points. You can find out more about these focal points on our page about the IT system house in Bonn or you can navigate to the sub-pages via the following list:

Managed IT Services

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are constantly faced with the challenge of being able to organise their business processes as effectively as possible and thus secure their competitiveness. This almost always includes the use of IT. No matter how large your company is - it will only with great effort find the appropriate expert for each IT process.

IT security

If you do not protect your information technology sufficiently, this "feeling" could turn into bitter seriousness. The danger that valuable internal information from your company could be published very quickly is the least of your worries.


Industry 4.0 and the shift to "smart factories" offers unimagined opportunities for German industry, for example through the implementation of remote maintenance for control systems, fully automated production processes or intelligent logistics. At the same time, modernisation is making industrial systems more vulnerable than ever before.

Vulnerability management

Vulnerability management primarily prevents the exploitation of vulnerabilities in a company's IT systems. They are one of the most commonly used ways to compromise commercial IT infrastructures. A vulnerability can be both outdated and faulty or inadequately configured hardware or software components.

IT infrastructure

It is important for a company that the IT service provider has an innovative approach to IT solutions. That is why EnBITCon takes precisely this approach. Not only are today's demands on a company's IT infrastructure becoming increasingly complex, but looking to the future is also playing an increasingly decisive role in shaping IT solutions.

WLAN solutions

Who hasn't experienced this? A careless employee trips over the network cable or the cable was kinked during installation and therefore has to be replaced. But not only this problem is often a nuisance when it comes to cross-laid cable connections. It is not uncommon for the laying itself to become a major challenge, as the consequences are extensive drilling and numerous network components that are expensive to purchase.

IT service provider Bonn - We are at your service

As an IT service provider in Bonn, we have specialised in the areas of IT security, wireless LAN, OT/industrial security and IT project management since 2014, which means we can provide you with customised advice in these areas and deliver services to the highest quality standards. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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