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4 simple steps to your encryption

Analysis of your network infrastructure and selection of the devices to be encrypted
First, we have to work with you and our experts to find out which devices are even suitable for encryption. After all, it makes little sense to encrypt a coffee machine.
Selecting the required encryption licences
Once an analysis and the associated number of devices has been made, the devices must be categorised - and the right encryption licences selected for them. CryptWare offers a broad portfolio that provides the right encryption method for every scenario. This step is necessary in order to work as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible when encrypting your assets.
Implementing encryption in your IT infrastructure
Considering the previous steps, you can now start with the installation and thus the implementation of encryption in your system.
You are safe on the road
After successful implementation and a short test phase, your data is now encrypted and is optimally protected against theft. Even lost mobile devices now only bring material damage - and not the additional fear of a company's intellectual property being made public.