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The world of work is constantly changing and evolving
Published on 27 January 2023 In eigener Sache   Technologie

Hunters of lost data: From the everyday life of an Incident Response Team

Peter Mackenzie, Direktor Incident Response bei Sophos, ist so etwas wie der Indiana Jones der Cyberlandschaft:
Published on 20 January 2023 Sophos   Schwachstellen, Cybersecurity, Zukunft, Datenschutz

The Morris-Computerwurm or "The same procedure as every year"

As is the case at the beginning of every year, there are countless predictions available for the direction the cybercrime landscape will take in 2023
Published on 13 January 2023   IT-Security, Cyberangriffe

Active and passive vulnerability scans - one step ahead of cyber criminals

In networked production, IT and OT are growing ever closer together.
Published on 6 January 2023 Greenbone   Schwachstellen, Cybersecurity

Ransomware hides in drivers with valid certificates

Sophos X-Ops has found malicious code in several drivers signed with legitimate digital certificates.
Published on 30 December 2022   Cyberangriffe, Schwachstellen, Cybersecurity, Sicherheitslücke, Ransomware