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EnBITCon GmbH - Your IT Security and WLAN Service Provider

Already since 2014 we are an innovative IT system house specialized in IT security, wireless LAN, OT / industrial security and IT project management.

True to the motto "cobbler, stick to your last", we focused on the above-mentioned special areas since the founding phase, in order not to act as a "jack of all trades with cutbacks", but to offer our customers the highest level of expert advice and professional quality. Our areas of activity include a wide variety of projects, from consulting on IT security solutions to planning customized WLAN projects to implementing and monitoring complex OT security projects tailored to the individual needs of our industrial customers.

Our solution providers


WiFi as a competent and experienced IT system house, we offer you a broad portfolio of WiFi services. Here we help your infrastructure to a fast, secure - and above all stable WiFi infrastructure. We lay the foundation with a professional WiFi planning - or WiFi illumination and round off our offer with high-quality components and their commissioning. Whether in industry, office, school, or hospital - we have the plan for your WiFi!

IT security

Digitization not only means progress and simplification but can also create a lot of extra work. In today's world, a thriving market for cybercriminals has already emerged, which lives and grows on ransomware from many companies. We help you torpedo this growth and offer you a wide range of security solutions from firewall to reliable protection of your endpoints.

Vulnerability management

Despite the latest IT security technologies, there will probably never be 100% protection against threats, as new methods are constantly being developed to blackmail companies or steal their most important data. The main reason for this is vulnerabilities that are not on the screen or cannot be detected by the existing security mechanisms. Thus, many companies do not even know that their IT infrastructures are "open like a barn door". This is where Greenbone's vulnerability management comes in and simulates a "hacker" who is available to you 24 hours a day.

Managed Services

IT departments of companies of any size often have to deal with the problem that they lack the specialists and thus the tools for the optimal operation of IT processes. EnBITCon has designed some very interesting turnkey solutions for you, especially in the area of IT security. From a secure mail gateway to a managed firewall to an outsourced backup, we can relieve you of many of your IT processes in a targeted and cost-effective manner.

IT infrastructure

Every IT-supported process requires a sound and functioning IT infrastructure. Especially in the area of data center and high-performance switching, we offer customized solutions for your company. Thus, for example, complex and scalable cloud projects in our data center - or "bandwidth-demanding" of media processes such as image and sound transmission in the broadcast area can be satisfied.

Industrial Security | OT Security

In addition to operational IT, industrial operational technology (OT) is also increasingly getting the victim of cyber-attacks. Therefore, we offer qualified OT security solutions such as industrial firewalls, industrial monitoring, and industrial hardening for brownfield and greenfield industrial environments. These are characterized by a robust design as well as a non-invasive installation so that your industrial production does not have to be stopped.

Remote FortiDevice by EnBITCon GmbH

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