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Managed IT Services – We are your IT department

Managed Services - We are your IT specialist department: Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are constantly faced with the challenge of being able to design corporate processes as effectively as possible and thus ensure competitiveness. This includes the use of IT as good as always. No matter how large your company is, it will take a great deal of effort to find the right expert for each IT process. And when this expert is found, he or she must not fall ill, undergo further training - or let alone - take vacation days. In order to remain competitive and still be able to implement innovative IT processes, it is advisable to transfer specific IT processes to a partner. Accordingly, this partner is your external IT specialist department or your managed services provider.

Integrate our availability and expertise into your business processes

Many companies are initially put off by the costs incurred here. One of the first reactions is very often that "this service can be provided more efficiently and cost-effectively with internal resources". As a rule, however, this is only half the truth. One of the main arguments for using a managed service provider - or your external IT department - is that you secure the expertise and availability. Our employees have gained this expertise through numerous projects and training courses. We ensure the availability of this expertise in the form of personnel redundancy. There is no doubt that a company can also meet these challenges itself - the only question is at what price.

Managed Service Provider
Experienced and certified technicians
Competent and objective advice from the expert
Implementation of support and pro
Experience with international projects

Secure Mail Gateway

Companies regularly receive emails with attachments that are not trustworthy. All it takes is one click from a careless employee and it's done: you've fallen victim to a cyberattack. An email gateway can protect against such attacks.


Veeam Cloud Connect

In general, we believe there are 2 main reasons why companies should distribute their backup across multiple locations and responsibilities. From our point of view it is the Geo redundancy and the system separation. This is where our Cloud Connect solution comes in.


Managed Backup

Every company needs a backup! It secures the intellectual property of your business and is always needed when the storage space is defective, an employee has accidentally deleted important files or you have fallen victim to a ransomware attack.


Managed Firewall

Every company needs a firewall. It doesn't matter if it's a small handicraft business or a DAX 50 corporation. The significant difference between the two extremes is the complexity of the firewall rules.


Managed FortiAnalyzer / FortiManager

Anyone who has more than one FortiGate firewall in use will eventually want a central point of management and analysis for collected log files.

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