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Since 2014, we have been an innovative IT system house specialising in IT security, wireless LAN, OT / industrial security and IT project management.
True to the motto "cobbler, stick to your last", we have concentrated on the above-mentioned special areas since the founding phase in order not to act as a "jack of all trades with cutbacks", but to offer our customers the highest level of expert advice and professional quality. Our areas of activity include a wide variety of projects, from consulting on IT security solutions to planning customised WiFi projects to implementing and monitoring complex OT security projects, which are tailored to the individual needs of our industrial customers.
The qualification of our employees as well as a pleasant and stable corporate culture are also essential components of EnBITCon GmbH. Only in this way can we ensure that our customers receive the best possible service and support from competent, good-humoured and thoughtful professionals who practise the philosophy and quality standards of our company as a matter of course.

We work closely with numerous manufacturers and partner companies, which enables us to ensure that our customers' requirements are fully met across all disciplines. After all, there don't always have to be only competitors in the same industry - joint ventures or win/win situations can also arise.
Especially in times of fast-growing markets with sometimes - from the customer's point of view - intransparent technological advances and constant innovations, companies are dependent on strong partners like EnBITCon. We are a professional IT service provider that supports companies competently and with a realistic view of cost efficiency. It is precisely this attitude that distinguishes us and is reflected in the healthy growth of EnBITCon GmbH over the last few years.
Highest quality and the accompanying satisfaction of our customers are the driving force of EnBITCon GmbH.

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