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IT infrastructure's flexible solutions from a single source

It is important for a company that the IT service provider has an innovative approach to IT solutions. That is why EnBITCon takes precisely this approach. Not only are today's demands on a company's IT infrastructure becoming increasingly complex, but looking to the future is also playing an increasingly decisive role in shaping IT solutions. That's why EnBITCon's IT infrastructure solutions are scalable at all times and therefore still suitable for you to meet the demands of tomorrow.
If you want to expand your infrastructure, we rely on IT infrastructure components from Fortinet, Ruckus, and Arista. The network components of these manufacturers are performant, stable, and easily scalable.

Even If you wish, we can also take care of the installation, monitoring, and maintenance of your components

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If you would like to expand your own network infrastructure, you will find information here about various solutions from the manufacturers Fortinet, Ruckus and Arista
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Would you like to enjoy the benefits of a highly available data center infrastructure without having to hand over the responsibility for operating the hardware? We can provide you with a site for your hardware as well as monitoring and maintenance.
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