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Fortinet FortiGate 900D Firewall (End of Sale/Life)

2 x 10GE SFP+ slots, 16 x GE SFP slots, 16 x GE RJ45 ports, 2 x GE RJ45 management ports, SPU NP6 and CP8 hardware accelerated, 256GB SSD onboard storage, dual AC power supplies

Product information "Fortinet FortiGate 900D Firewall (End of Sale/Life)"

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The FortiGate 900D appliance delivers superior performance through a combination of purpose-built FortiASIC ™ processors, high Gigabit port density with 10GE ports and consolidated security features from the FortiOS ™ operating system. This constellation ensures better next-generation firewall performance compared to alternative products and offers one of the best price/performance ratios in the industry.

A component of every FortiGate firewall is, among others, the free use of IPSec and SSL VPN. Here the free FortiClient VPN can be used as VPN client. Instructions for setting up the VPN can be found in the FortiGate CookBook, among other places.

Thanks to the Fortigate VDOM functionality, you have the option of making your firewall multi-tenant. Thus, you can operate your own firewalls for different departments in a very granular way.

With the Fortinet Support (included as FortiCare in every license bundle), you get the possibility to contact the manufacturer directly in case of problems or questions. Among other things, this support license is also necessary for obtaining and downloading firmware updates.

Fortinet FortiGate basic functionality

 Enterprise Protection
 Unified Threat Protection (UTP)  
 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)    
 Basic functionality      
Fortinet VPN Fortinet Antivirus Fortinet Anti-Spam Fortinet Industrial Security Service
Virtual Private Network (VPN) Antivirus Antispam Inline CASB Database + DLP
Fortinet SD-WAN Services Fortinet Intrusion Prevention System Fortinet Web Filter Fortinet IoT Services
SD-WAN Services Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) Web & Video Filter AI-based Inline Malware Prevention
Fortinet Applikationskontrolle Fortinet Mobile Security   Fortinet FortiConverter Service
Application controll
Mobile Security   FortiConverter Service
Fortinet FortiCare Support Fortinet FortiSandbox Cloud   Fortinet Security Rating Service
FortiCare Support* FortiSandbox Cloud   Attack Surface Security

* Please note that without a license you can only use FortiCare Support for 90 days.
** Inactive elements are not included in this bundle.

FortiGate licensing FortiGate SMB Sizing Guide FortiGate Live-Demo


FortiGate license information

With the Fortinet Security Fabric to Unified Network Management

Many IT managers are faced with the challenge of having to manage and administer increasingly complex systems. This starts with providing effective endpoint protection, moves to providing secured network ports as well as wireless LAN, and ends with unified logging and centralized management. Dank der Fortinet-Security-Fabric können wir Ihnen hier einheitliche Lösungen für Ihre Herausforderung anbieten.


Thanks to the FortiSwitch, you can deploy a centrally managed and secure network in no time. Die integrierte NAC-Funktionalität auf den Fortinet-Firewalls bietet Ihnen hier ohne zusätzliche Lizenz einen deutlichen Mehrwert im Bereich der Netzwerksicherheit.


Fast and high-performance WLAN networks are not only needed in offices, but also increasingly in logistics and manufacturing. Thanks to FortiAP Access Points, WLAN networks can be deployed here very quickly and conveniently, which you can manage via the FortiGate firewall, FortiCloud or via a dedicated WLAN controller.

Endpoint-Protection und EDR-Lösungen

With the FortiClient you can not only establish secured VPN connections with your FortiGate firewall. In the paid version, FortiClient can be seen as a full-fledged endpoint protection solution. As a further development, the FortiEDR solution is available. Both solutions can communicate with the FortiGate firewall and transmit telemetry data. With this data, the firewall can review additional information and make decisions on whether or not to allow a device to communicate with the network.

Security Operation Center with the FortiAnalyzer and FortiManager

Increasingly complex networks, distributed across multiple sites, require unified logging and centralized management. Thanks to the FortiAnalyzer, you have the ability to correlate the log files of the various Fortinet solutions and thus gain a unified picture of your network. Mit dem FortiManager haben Sie zusätzlich die Möglichkeit, Ihre Fortinet-Lösungen zentral zu verwalten und zum Beispiel Firmware Updates auszurollen.

Product information

Bundle: only Hardware
Firewall throughput: 52 Gbps
IPS Throughput: 8 Gbps
IPsec VPN Throughput : 25 Gbps
SSL-VPN Throughput: 3,6 Gbps
Threat Protection Throughput: 2,4 Gbps
Term: only Hardware

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Fortinet - FortiGate as Dual Homed BGP Peer

Published on 27 April 2021 Fortinet
Since EnBITCon GmbH operates its own autonomous system, we were forced to deal with the topic of BGP routing.


Managed FortiManager by EnBITCon

Networks are constantly changing due to new threats, company growth or new requirements or regulations and must therefore continue to develop. To support this, FortiManager's centralised security management provides the ability to contain threats while flexibly responding to constant developments in your network.

With FortiManager, you can easily control the deployment of security policies, FortiGuard content security updates, firmware revisions and custom configurations for thousands of FortiOS-enabled devices in one console.

With FortiManager, you can maintain control of your FortiGate devices through an easy-to-use, centralised management console. You get a complete view of your security posture, full control of your network and a reduced attack surface with Fortinet's Security Fabric.

With FortiManger via EnBITCon, you also don't have to worry about running FortiManager. We ensure the permanent availability of the FortiManager.

Your benefits:

  • Operation and maintenance of the FortiManager via ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified company in a German data centre
  • Easy central management of one or more FortiGate devices
  • Automatic backup of configurations.
  • Remotely perform firmware updates of the FortiGate
  • Technical support by Fortinet certified technicians*

*Technical support is not included in the price and will be charged separately. Please refer to our price list for pricing


Variants from €15.00*
Fortinet FortiGate-900D - Advanced Threat Protection
The Fortinet Advanced Thread Protection licence bundle provides comprehensive network security for your IT infrastructure. In addition to FortiCare 24x7 Support, this bundle also includes Application Control, Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and Anti-Virus.

Variants from €0.00*
Fortinet FortiGate-900D FortiCare Support Contract

FortiCare Premium Support

FortiCare Premium covers the same features as the former FortiCare Support. FortiCare Premium is therefore suitable for devices that require a 24x7x365 response within one hour for both critical and non-critical issues.

With FortiCare Premium Support, you get world-class vendor support for your Fortinet solutions. An ongoing FortiCare license allows you to install firmware updates for your Fortinet appliance directly from the device. Fortinet provides technical support and return merchandise (RMA) services on an appliance-by-appliance basis with FortiCare for 24x7 support and timely problem resolution. FortiCare services support the entire Fortinet Security Fabric, enabling you to resolve diverse cross-product issues with a single solution. Flexible support options help your organization maximize uptime, security, and performance based on your business needs.

On request, we can also offer you FortiCare Essentials or FortiCare Elite. The features of the respective licenses can be found in the table below.

FortiCare Essential

FortiCare Essentials is the base-level service, which is specifically suited for units that require only a limited amount of support and can accept one business day response time for both critical and non-critical issues. This service is available only for FortiGate models 8x and below and for lower-end FortiWifi units.

FortiCare Elite

FortiCare Elite Services offers extended service level agreements (SLAs) and accelerated problem resolution. This enhanced support offering provides access to a dedicated support team. Ticket handling by a team of technical experts streamlines the solution. This option also provides extended End-of-Engineering Support (EoEs) of 18 months for added flexibility and access to the new FortiCare Elite Portal. This intuitive portal provides a single, unified view of device and security health.


FortiCare Included Features Per-device Service Optionen




Hardware replacement (RMA)

Return and replacement only Extended replacement (PRMA available) Extended replacement (PRMA available)

Web Support

Telephone Support


Firmware Updates

Asset Management Portal

Response time (critical issue)

Next business day One hour 15 minutes

Response time (non critical issue)

Next business day Next business day 2 hours

Extended End-of-Engineering-Support (E-EoES) for Long Term Supported Firmware (LTS about 18 months)

- -

Portal for device insights and monitoring

(FortiCare Elite-Portal)

- -


Variants from €0.00*
Managed FortiAnalyzer by EnBITCon

With the FortiAnalyzer, security data - so-called logs - can be collected, archived and evaluated. In addition, the FortiAnalyzer helps to track down successful virus attacks. It gives cyber forensics important information about how and when a virus could enter your network. Using real-time alerts in case of danger, you can act quickly and take appropriate measures.

Thanks to the integrated "Indicators of Compromise", you can evaluate even more details from your log files. The IOCs tell you whether anomalies have appeared in your network or whether an attack is currently taking place. This gives you even more transparency in your network.

By the way, you can also have other Fortinet products report to the FortiAnalyzer service. The only limit here is the daily log volume. However, you can expand this at any time. Feel free to contact us!

Your advantages:

  • Operation and maintenance of the FortiAnalyser via ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified company in a German data centre
  • Simple central log files of one or more FortiGate- devices
  • Aggregated log files
  • Including IOC (Indicator of Compromise)
  • Including SOC (Securiy Operation Center) view
  • Technical support by Fortinet certified technicians*

*Technical support is not included in the price and will be charged separately. Please refer to our price list for pricing


Variants from €25.00*
Please note that there are currently delivery problems with all hardware products and the exact delivery date may not be accurate.

If the product is not marked as "available", you will receive more information about the availability of your desired components on request.

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