Flexible WiFi solutions that make tailor-made solutions possible for every purpose

Ruckus offers a very wide range of access points to suit every budget and application. For example, access points with integrated LAN switches for hotels, so that guests also have high-quality WiFi in their hotel rooms and can connect devices to the network via a cable at the same time.

Or access points with integrated 4G antennas. Best for places where a wired connection is not possible, for example in coaches. This offers passengers an effective added value.

There is also a wide range of outdoor access points, which can withstand any weather thanks to IP67 certification. Various models are even equipped with sector antennas, which makes it possible to cover specific areas.

Management, direct, via AP, local controller or the cloud?

Whether you want to build a network with just one access point or manage a group across multiple sites with hundreds of access points, Ruckus has a solution for you. Locally, via a server, via the cloud? No problem at all!

It starts with the fact that you can operate Ruckus Access Points completely without a controller. Perfect if you want to start very small. The cost-effective entry into a controller-based environment would be Unleashed. The controller runs on one of the access points. Ideal for small companies with a low budget.
But even if the network grows and the capacity of the controller is exceeded, you can change the controller and even the type of controller without having to change anything at the access point.

No matter how your company changes and grows, your WiFi will be able to grow with it without any problems.