The network can easily be used by small businesses. Thanks to its simple set-up and wide range of functions, there is no need for a dedicated IT team. Since no extra hardware is needed for the controller, this solution is cost-effective to deploy. However, a maximum of 25 APs can be controlled in this network, and the number of users is limited to 512. In this network, one AP is switched as a controller, so its performance is lower. If the AP switched as controller fails, the access point set as standby automatically takes over this function.


A network via the ZoneDirector Controller is suitable for a small to medium-sized company with a small IT team, located at one site. The controller offers ease of use and generous functionality. The hardware can control up to 150APs and manage up to 4,000 users. In a cluster system, this model is governed by the Active/Standby regulation, which accesses a previously passively running ZoneDirector Controller in the event of a hardware failure.


Controlling the network via the cloud allows access to the system from any internet connection. It is suitable for any size of business with a small IT team. The control is kept simple and the full cloud system allows an unlimited number of APs and users to feed in. Licensing is per AP.


The SmartZone Controller is suitable for small to large companies with their own IT team. Thanks to the wide range of functions and the numerous auxiliary tools, the SmartZone Controller can be used for various areas of application. Depending on the model, a single controller can manage 1,000 - 10,000 access points. Users can be managed from 25,000 - 100,000 accounts. There is also the option of an active/active cluster where the number of manageable access points and users can be further increased.